Sarah Rose, Founder and Owner of PRK9 has almost 20 years of experience working with dogs, with many certifications included, AKC, Therapy, Service, Veterinary Technician, and many others Sarah is ready to tackle any struggles you may have with your dog. Sarah most enjoys seeing the pride and happiness dogs have when they complete a command. With her vast experience Sarah serves Fresno and the surrounding areas. Sarah is dedicated to supporting her team and making sure that your dog is the best they can be regardless of where you live! 

Teagan Coleman, Co-Owner of PRK9 has almost 10 years of experience working and handling dogs. With many certifications including AKC, Therapy and Service work she is dedicated to helping train your dog to fit your life style. With Teagans years of expierence she most enjoys working with therapy and service dog and her favorite part is seeing the growth in the bond between handler and dog. Teagan is dedicated to her clients and helping to oversee her trainers to ensure our PRK9 pack is the best they can be.  

As Head trainer for the Greater Bay Area Danyel is proud and excited to bring Precision K9 training to you and your pets. Whether you need a little help or a lot we are here to assist you and find a solution that fits for you and your pets needs. We promise regardless of what breed, age, or size your dog is, we guarantee we will get you amazing results and we believe no dog is untrainable. She will help you transform your best friend into the best dog on the block and is here to support you in your training needs!

My name is Jeremy Kern, but I am better known as Bear.  My dad was a K9 deputy as I was growing up so I have always been around dogs and/or K9 training.  My training was focused around obedience and usual "tricks" until a life event left me requiring the use of a service dog.  I have now been focusing on service training for the last five years and specialize in giant breeds.  I pride myself on producing results in training that will have others asking you your secrets.  My favorite part of training is watching the confidence the animal gains as they learn their own abilities, boundaries, and the expectations of their handler while achieving a solid bond.

My name is Shyanne Duarte. In high school I was apart of the FFA and the veterinary science program which led me to raise and train three dogs for Guide Dogs for the Blind. After graduation I continued with my veterinary assistant schooling and decided I wanted to continue training dogs. I am dedicated to helping you and your dog get the bond that you both deserve.

My name is Lorena and I am proud to be part of the PRK9 team. My experience working with dogs began about 9 years ago when I decided to become a certified Veterinary Assistant. I also have extensive experience as the director of a local animal rescue, which enriched my love for animals and allowed me to dive further into animal behavior. Having a well trained animal provides preventive behavioral training which in the long run keeps animals and families happy. My goal is to ensure that my K9 students maintain well trained and happy within their home. My love for animals allowed me to make the decision to become a dog trainer. I look forward to helping you build a confident well trained four legged friend.

My name is Ash Nucole. I have been working with dogs for 6 years now. I serve the San Diego and surrounding areas. My passion and drive to help you increase the bond with your dog is why I train. I have a diverse background in training which is what makes me the best fit for working with your dog. My dog Whiskey is what started my passion for training. I’m super excited to be a part of the PRK9 family and help you with your dog today. 

 My name is Kevin and I have been involved with dogs my entire life. My parents raised and bred purebred registered Dobermans during my adolescence. My grandparents ran a 40 acre ranch which i grew up working on every weekend and all summer long. I began volunteering for the ASPCA during high school, and am currently a member of the national cane corso rescue MLCR. In addition to being a professional dog trainer, I also currently keep, breed, and show AKC registered GCH line Cane Corsos. I am extremely excited to be a part of the PRK9 Team. I proudly serve the Oregon and Vancouver Area's.

Hey!! My name is Danny Davis, I've lived in the Fresno area for 5 years now. My wife and I have lived in the Tower District for the past year with our two dogs, Tyson and Preston. We did treat training for our dog Preston, but with no luck. Our dog Tyson was a rescue from Tower District, finding a puppy who's part German Shepherd and Rottweiler, we knew we needed help. We heard about Precision River from one of our friend's and did not expect such amazing results. After training them for 8 months, I wanted to share my joy in helping both people and dogs. I know how it feels to be scared to go on walks with your dog or take them anywhere. I want to show people that with dedication and training, you and your dog can have an amazing relationship. I'm so excited to work at Precision River in the Fresno area! 

My name is Layne Sellers and I am a past client of Sarah’s turned dog trainer for PRK9.

With Sarah’s instruction, I learned how to deepen my relationship with my GSD through confidence building exercises and training.  Thanks to Sarah, my GSD and I have built trust and achieved a bond that I thought was only achievable in my dreams. I’m excited to share my experiences through training with as many people as humanly, and dogably as possible so they too, can experience a better relationship with their dogs. 

My name is Jesse Lehr. After 20 years as a paramedic and suffering a catastrophic injury that forced me to retire, I was blessed enough to find and train my service animal, Ryka. Over the years we have developed one of the strongest bonds with anything short of my family, I have found that I can still help others by sharing my insights and experience to give people a chance to experience the same level of friendship and love with their animals. There is nothing better than seeing the smile on a clients face when they realize what they can accomplish with a little effort and understanding.

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