Board & Train 


Board and Train is the most popular way of training. Allow your dog to be in an environment of learning. The number of weeks will depend on the type of training your dog requires. 

Group Lessons


Group Lessons are a great way to teach your dog and socialize them at the same time. This is great for a brush-up or to start teaching your dog the basics! 

Private Lessons


Private Lessons are a popular way for you to be involved in your dogs learning. Spend an hour a week with your trainer, and watch your dog grow!

Puppy Lessons


Puppy classes are great prerequisites to one of our other amazing programs. Start them young to avoid bad habits in the future. 


Service Dog Training 


After completing a basic and advanced training program, if you have a medical condition that requires a service dog, PRK9 is here to train your pup to assist you.

Therapy Dog Training 

After Completing a basic and advanced training program, if you want to train your dog to help others PRK9 can get them certified.

Tracking Training 

If you are interested in Tracking or SAR after you have completed basic and advanced obedience, PRK9 has a program for you.

Protection Training 


If you are interested in training a dog to be a personal protection dog, then contact one of our helpful staff to find out requirements and information.

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