Policy And FAQ

Payment Plans: 50% Down Payment with remainder of balance due at time of training. 50% down payment in non refundable and will be forfeited on cancellation of training.
Equipment Policy: All necessary training equipment with be evaluated and provided by PRK9 trainers. I.E: E-collars, Slip leads, Pinch collars etc. 
Food and Medication Policy: Client will provide food for the animal for the entirety of the training program, failure to do so will result in a 15$ fee and client will reimburse for any food bought by Precision River K9 Training. Any medication required for your pet must be provided for administration by Precision River K9 Training during their stay.
Training Policy: Training is balanced, however training method will depend on temperament and needs of the dog. Evaluation is required to determine type of training method needed. 
Daily Updates/ Social Media: Daily Updates will be provide either via text message or via a google drive created by Precision River K9 Training. Any video updates or photos taken of your dog are subject to be used on various forms of social media.
Right of Refusal and Aggressive Dogs: PRK9 trainers have the right to refuse to train any dog for any reason at anytime. This can include but is not limited to; heath problems, non vaccination of animal, behavior and or owner non cooperation. ​If a dog is deemed aggressive with no prior notice to training staff, an additional fee and forfeit of advanced commands and any off-leash commands will occur. If an owner then decides against training no refund will be issued.
Cancellation: All cancellation request must be made before 30 days from assigned board and train date. If canceled within 30 days from date a 50% fee will apply and a refund for the remaining amount will be issued.

Refund Policy: Refund Policy that is stated on our contract is board and trains have a 50% no refundable deposit after 48 hours. The remaining 50% can be refunded if board and train is cancelled after 48 hours. 

Lessons: Entire amount can be refunded if cancelled no less than 5 days prior to the first lesson. If cancelled within in 5 days of the first lesson 50% deposit used for training equipment purchase may not be refunded. 

Transportation of Dog: The Clients dog will be transported in crates to and from training destination. This will include but is not limited to parks, stores, outdoor malls, and other outdoor recreation areas.
Veterinary Care: Any Veterinary Care required by the pet, will be paid for by the owner. This includes but is not limited to preventive care or emergency care.
Vaccinations: Full and complete list of vaccinations, and clear veterinary records must be provided 7 days prior to your dog attending training. Failure to do so may result in termination and or rescheduling of your training date. List of vaccinations and vet record requirements will be provided by Precision River K9 training upon confirmation of training date.
Commands: During the stay of your dog they will learn varied commands based of the type of training you selected. A list of commands that your dog will learn will be provided to you after the booking of your training date. All commands are covered under this contract. Failure of your dog learning a command will result in additional training time.
Refresher and Follow ups: If your dog requires a refresher or follow up training, Client must contact Sarah Rose with Precision River K9, LLC and a 1-hour meetup will be provided at no cost to the client to assess what is needed to get your dog back to training standards. *For Board and Train Only*
If you have a questions and it's not listed here please feel free to reach out and ask. We are always happy to answer your questions.
Email: sales@prk9.dog
Phone: 559-296-2123

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