Policy And FAQ

Payment Plans: 50% Down Payment with remainder of balance due at time of training. 50% downpayment in non refundable and will be forfited on cancelation of training.
Right of Refusal: PRK9 trainers have the right to refuse to train any dog for any reason at anytime. This can include but is not limited to; heath problems, non vacination of animal, behavior and or owner non cooperation. ​
Equipment Policy: All necessary training equipment with be evaluated and provided by PRK9 trainers. I.E: E-collars, Slip leads, Pinch collars etc. 
Food and Medication Policy: All Food/ Necessary medication/supplements will be provided by owner in quanity needed for duration of training time at PRK9.​ Failure to provide necessary items may result in additonal fee.​
Training Policy: Training is balanced, however training method will depend on temperment and needs of the dog. Evaluation is required to determine type of training method needed. 

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